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Keeping Content Fresh

v49_promo_ss.gifOne of the main reasons that web sites fail is stale, out of date content.  Fresh compelling content will keep your customers coming back to your site to see what's new.  At Net Income, we provide our clients with the ability to update their own content using the Soholaunch Content Management System (CMS). 

Why is this important you might ask??? For starters Soholaunch allows our clients to update their own website with relative ease without having the overhead expense of having to call us every time they want to update content… prodominately text and images. 

There are many benefits, but on the top of the list is cost and time savings. For every minor edit you will no longer have to call a designer to update text, build a form, or upload new images… plus you can save time because you can do it in-house.   We are happy to perform these updates for our clients, but the vast majority of our customers have found that it's actually easier to update their content themselves than it is to describe their updates to us. 

Soholaunch is actually an integrated set of web site tools that work together to provide a dynamic, interesting web site.  Some of the most popular capabilities include:

  • Integrated Page Editor - Allows users to update the text and images on the page.  The interface is very similar to Microsoft Word.  If you can use Word, you can update your own website.
  • Email Newsletters - Makes it easy to create and send out Email Newsletters to your customers/prospects. 
  • Naviation Menu System - Allows users to change the page names and order of the navigation menu for the site.
  • Photo Albums - Enables users to add/update photo albums on the site and to place those albums on pages within their site.
  • Web Blogs - Essentially the digital incarnation of newspaper and magazaine columns, Web Blogs are quickly gaining popularity with budding writers and experienced journalists everywhere! With a host of user-friendly features, the Soholaunch Blog Manager eliminates the technical barriers of Web Blogging, and lets you concentrate on what matters most - venting your frustrations, sharing idle thoughts, and telling the world who you are.
  • Event Calendar -  Event Calendar Module makes it easy to create and manage interactive event calendars for your website. When used in conjunction with the Secure Login System, you can specify the extent to which users can view and/or edit calendars and events.
  • Secure User/Membership Logins - Protecting portions of your website from public access is one of the most common tasks in creating advanced web sites and web applications. Aside from extensive user-management functions, the Secure Users features also allows you to create multiple levels of access through user-defined security codes, or "groups".
  • Shopping Cart - Soholaunch's Shopping Cart feature helps you develop and manage all types of online stores; from small and simple, to big and complex. Effortlessly configure product categories, shipping methods, tax rates, payment options, exchange policies, and much more; all without typing a single line of code.